Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Jaw-Dropping Custom Devastator

Do you remember the first time you saw Devastator as he seemed to throw around the seemingly helpless Autobots with his massive size and strength?  A toy customiser who goes by the name Ptitvite surely does.  A few years ago he decided he was going to create an ultimate custom Devastator, that would stand more than twice as high as the original G1 figure.  The results are absolutely amazing!  This figure has a powerful look about it with attention to detail that gives it a gritty realistic look with that classic G1 feel.
Btitvite states “Since I started kitbashing my ultimate goal was to have a freakin awesome Devastator that would at least have some cartoon accuracy in it. Well, after two years of waiting, thinking, and buying TF’s, I had come up with an idea that would make this possible.” on his original post about this massive figure.  I’d say he more than accomplished his goal.  Using bits and pieces of Universe Unicron, Primus, Supreme Starscream and other various Robots in Disguise figures is how Btitvite managed to piece together this amazing 14.5 inche tall, solid figure.
Beyond the amazing look of this custom is the articulation.  The torso has a rotating joint while the head is movable via balljoint.  As you can see in the photos below, some great effort has been put into the arms and legs because they seem quite movable.
Scroll down to have a look at the images & video below, and get a better view of the detail of this jaw-dropping custom.  For more images visit Btitvite’s Flickr Photostream.


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